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i have a job interview and i’m seeing my sister for the first time in 3 years give or take tomorrow and i should’ve been asleep a few hours ago. i really need to sleep tonight bc it won’t do any good to start feeling sleepy half way through an interview especially with how warm its been lately

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The Hobbit cast at EW Comic-Con Social photo booth [x]

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jawnofbagend whispered: so below is basically a longer version of what i sent you when it was midnight oops sorry! anyways happy birthday dork i love you have a good one


I have literally no words
Fuck off
You made my cry

I love you too Rach, and of course I will next year and 5ever

aw aint payback a bitch. 

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34/ of Delphine Cormier

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This is the original of these reposts.

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